Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why call on us?  / Why use an Independent Auditor?

Why Hire Expert Audit Services?An Independent Auditor works for you to review your records and payroll audit worksheets to check for premium calculation errors or code misclassifications. Expert Audit Services will help correct these errors and communicate with your insurance company in a language they understand.

Expert Audit Services will prepare a detailed audit worksheet, identify changes or unusual exposures that may impact the premium rate, and answer and advise on matters that affect the premium rate.

Payroll exclusions are acceptable only if complete and accurate records are maintained. We can help you to identify such exclusions and set up a recordkeeping system to allow for their exclusion so you will not be subject to an overstatement of premiums.

If you are relocating or remodeling your business premises, we can assist you in your planning to ensure that physical changes do not negatively impact your premium costs.  Many of the complex rules of classification relate to separation of employees or operations – in separate buildings, on separate floors, or by permanent walls.

The use of outside subcontractors and service providers can affect your exposure.  Expert Audit Services can review your use of ‘non-employees’ and assist you in the determination of employment status.  We will work with you to ensure that you obtain and maintain evidentiary documentation of your independent contractors which may be necessary in an audit.

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