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Honest errors and mistakes create higher premiums. Many situations require an independent auditor to review the records and data to determine if any such mistakes or omissions occurred. If a policy holder feels that an error has occurred, an independent audit may be performed to review the insurance company audit to determine if the auditor failed to exclude certain types of wages from the audit which resulted in an overcharge for the insured. Because of our background and reputation, Expert Audit Services can provide an assessment acceptable to insurance companies and regulators.

Auditors are human. Honest errors and mistakes occur. Individual auditors have widely varying levels of experience and training. Of policies pulled for Test Audits, approximately 14% are found to have errors significant enough to be measured against the insurance company. Mistakes often result in higher premiums.

Additionally, some exclusions are acceptable only if records are segregated and summarized properly. Expert Audit Services can identify these exclusions and assist in setting up a record keeping system to allow for their exclusion.

An independent audit will review for errors in classification assignments or the exposure basis measurement. Our auditors understand the manuals of authority and have significant experience in providing third party review services to brokers, District Attorneys, Dept. of Insurance Fraud Investigators, and policyholders. Expert Audit Services can review your audit, advise you of any disputable errors, and write dispute letters on your behalf citing pertinent rules from the manuals of authority and using industry language.