Kay’s business name is apropos to her skills.  She is indeed an expert in many areas of workers compensation insurance.  In addition to extensive audit skills, she brings a vast knowledge of legal, regulatory, dispute resolution and professionalism to her clients.  Kay also attends industry seminars to keep her knowledge growing and up to date.

–Paul Brundage, Retired WCIRB Quality Assurance Director, Classification and Test Audit Division

Because of Kay’s expertise and her detailed and thorough audit, our premium dispute was resolved quickly, resulting in a premium reduction of over $20,000.

–Paul Solomon, President ERE, Inc.

After an annual Workers Compensation audit, we received a billing for an additional $1,248,847 in premiums!  Our broker put us in touch with Kay.  After a detailed review of the audit, Kay interacted with the insurance company at the Premium Audit, Underwriting, and Collection department levels. Using accounting standards and WCIRB rules, she disputed the audit and challenged the company’s findings relating to the inclusion of subcontract labor.  Through Kay’s efforts we saw substantial reductions in the company’s claim against our company – hundreds of thousands of dollars!  I highly recommend Kay as an effective tool in reviewing and resolving audit disputes.

–Jackie Friedrich, BCM / Friedrich Enterprises.

Kay’s superior technical knowledge in auditing is clearly demonstrated in her ability to handle the most sensitive and complex audit issues.  She allows for a comprehensive review of factual information and is detail oriented in her analysis and presentation.

– Ruth Salvador, Premium Audit Manager, Golden Eagle Insurance Corporation

In my capacity as a CA Department of Insurance Fraud Investigator, I had the pleasure of working with Kay on a number of Premium Fraud cases.  Knowing what information was most pertinent, Kay provided a thorough analysis of the case with great attention to detail.  She’s professional, intelligent, technically knowledgeable, and has a great work ethic.

–Tena Wong, Retired CA DOI Fraud Investigator

Kay Payer is at the top of her “class” in the field of premium audit.  She has a proven track record of resolving highly complex payroll and classification issues.

–Heywood Friedman, Esq.

I have dealt with Kay Payer for a decade, during which time she has provided me with excellent expertise in mediations, settlement conferences, depositions and trial testimony.  Her ability to present complex technical issues in a clear, understandable and concise manner has been a major factor in the successful settlement of many cases.  I can confidently recommend Kay Payer as a solid and reliable witness, and an expert in her field.

–W. Jeffrey Fulton, Esq.

Right from the start, Expert Audit Services impressed us with their expertise and professionalism.  From the quality of the audit report, delivered in a timely manner, to their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly staff, Expert Audit Services has provided Everest National Insurance with excellent “best in class quality” independent auditing and expert witness services.

–David Guman, Premium Audit Director, Everest National Insurance Company

Kay Payer did what my attorney had no idea how to do.  She was able to get a change to our WCIRB Classification code to the correct classification number that ultimately lowered both our Workers Comp premiums and Liability Insurance premiums.

–David Lickhalter