Premium Audit Services

Independent premium audit services for insurance carriers, 3rd party admins & self-insured firms.

Premium Audit Services by Expert Audit Services

Our technical expertise provides validation of classification codes, audits, and other technical factors that determine your insurance premium. Expert Audit Services performs annual premium audits as required by statute, on a regular basis for insurance companies.

Consulting Services

Independent third-party reviews for policyholders, agents, brokers and others.

Consulting Services by Expert Audit Services

Honest errors and mistakes create higher premiums. Many situations require an independent auditor to review the records and data to determine if any such mistakes or omissions occurred.

An independent audit may be performed to review the insurance company audit to determine if the auditor failed to exclude certain types of wages from the audit, resulting in an overcharge for the insured. Because of our background and reputation, Expert Audit Services can provide an assessment acceptable to insurance companies and regulators.

Expert Witness Services

Credible expert opinion and testimony backed by industry knowledge and experience

Expert Witness Services by Expert Audit Services

In litigation, choosing the right expert witness can make or break a case, especially when insurance conflicts are involved. In order to be a good expert witness, auditors must be able to explain complicated concepts for lawyers, judges, and juries in order to win cases.