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Our technical expertise provides validation of classification codes, audits, and other technical factors that determine your insurance premium. Expert Audit Services performs annual premium audits, as required by statute, on a regular basis for insurance companies.

Insurance carriers are required to perform annual audits at various intervals and premium thresholds to ensure that the policy is classified properly and to measure exposures. Our team of auditors has over 35 years of field auditing experience performing such audits. We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the rules, as well as extensive experience in their application on annual audits.

Expert Audit Services is CA based and operated. All members of our team have successfully passed the four core CompEssentials courses and have earned CA WCIRB CompEssentials certifications.

We are often called upon to assist in classification assignment and exposure measurement on complex cases and disputed audits. We are an excellent resource for the performance of preliminary service audits. Our Test Audit results are outstanding. The bureau allows an error ratio of 10%, Expert Audit Services has maintained an error ratio below 2% since our inception. Our auditors provide an audit that is detailed, thorough, and well-documented.