For Carriers

Expert Audit Services performs physical audits within the major metropolitan areas of Southern California. Special out-of-area assignments may be performed upon request. We can also perform telephone audits (with fax or email verification) where a physical visit is not requested or required.

We perform annual physical audits for compliance with state regulatory mandates.  We also assist you by conducting reaudits to clarify any discrepancies which remain unresolved. Because of our experience, we can perform the complex audits generally reserved for inside staff only.

Independent Third-Party Reviews

Expert Audit Services has experience in working with carriers, brokers, district attorneys, the CA Workers Compensation Rating Bureau and Fraud Investigators of the California Department of Insurance. We review data, records, audits, and results to provide an assessment and determine if premium exposures and billings are appropriate.

Consulting for Dispute Resolution

Expert Audit Services will act on your behalf as an advocate for your audit dispute, provided we believe the dispute is warranted by the proper and ethical application of the rules of the manual of authority. We provide support relating to the many areas affecting your premiums – payroll audits, classifications, disputes and appeals.

Representation may include settlement conferences, mediations, arbitrations, depositions and trials.

Litigation Support

Expert Audit Services reviews and evaluates case documents, consults on case strategy, supports discovery and provides trial testimony for plaintiff attorneys, defense attorneys and law firms. Ms. Payer has a strong ability to explain technical issues to courts and juries and will review and assist in rebuttal of opposing expert testimony.