Service and Insight with Integrity

Expert Audit Services is recognized for its knowledge and technical expertise. We are committed to performing accurate audits while providing the detail needed to substantiate and validate our findings.

We provide timely and accurate audits with superior customer service in a constantly changing environment. This translates to a more positive audit experience for policyholders and our business partners.

Our performance is continually commended for accuracy, time service, and exceeding California’s rigid test audit standards. Our results have been challenged and upheld in disputes, litigation and evidentiary hearings. We have succeeded in correcting classification assignment errors for policyholders.

We maintain our knowledge base by continuous active participation in industry training seminars, association conferences, and professional associations. Our commitment is supported by our core value of integrity. We deliver on our commitments – Quality, Accuracy, and Time Service with strong Customer Service.

Our Services

Premium Audit Services

Independent premium audit services for insurance carriers, 3rd party admins & self-insured firms.

Consulting Services

Independent third-party reviews for policyholders, agents, brokers and others.

Expert Witness Services

Credible expert opinion and testimony backed by industry knowledge and years of experience

Misclassification Matters

Misclassifications impact cost because premiums are based on payroll and how it is classified.

Inspections & Test Audits

Inspections are done to ensure that companies report premium and claims data to the WCIRB using the proper classifications.

Audit Basics

Rules for classification assignment are very specific and may be misinterpreted by business owners, agents and auditors.


Associate in Premium Accounting (APA)
Certified Insurance Premium Auditor (CIPA)
Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)


Expert Audit Services is also a contributing member to these professional industry associations:

  • California Insurance Auditors and Managers Association, Western Region NSIPA
  • National Society of Insurance Premium Auditors (NSIPA)
  • Insurance Auditors Association of the West (IAAW)


All auditors have successfully passed the four core CompEssentials courses and hold their CA WCIRB CompEssentials certification.